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Sub: Achievements made by the present Government

  • KSRTC has created a new wide range in the transport industry and has emerged as one of the best transport Corporations in the Country. By providing best transport facilities to the Travelling Public, Corporation has earned Revenue of Rs. 8935 crore and made a profit of Rs. 156 crore during the period.
  • The Corporation has inducted totally 4288 buses of various type World Class buses like Volvo, Volvo Multi Axle, Mercides Benz, Mercides Benz Multi Axle, Carona, Carona Sleeper and scrapped 2783 old buses which are not fit for operation. To provide world class level service to the public, it has inducted Volvo Multi Axle new vehicles with inner and outer graphics designed by international advertising agency and branded as ‘Airavata Club Class’.
  • KSRTC applauded as the first transport Corporation in the Country for speedy completion of projects under JnNURM scheme efficiently. Under this scheme 150 Low floor buses have been designed and constructed internally at a cost of Rs. 50.30 crore under operation in Mysore city. The Central Govt. has praised the low floor buses designed and fabricated internally by KSRTC under this scheme as best model and instructed other JnNURM cities to implement the same.
  • In order to give superior facilities to the travelling public chemical toilet and kitchen facilities in the bus branded as “Airavata Bliss” and only Chemical facility included in the bus branded as “Airavata Superia” inducted w.e.f  18-07-2012 to its fleet strength. Nation’s longest multi axile bus called “Volvo 9400 px” introduced in trial basis on 04-09-2012.
  • KSRTC is the first Corporation to take up for branding of buses based on the market segmentation. Recently, KSRTC has been inducted “Karnataka Vaibhav” type of vehicle to its fleet. This is another type of branding of vehicle and facility will be available to the commuters at economical price.
  • Newly formed Chamarajanarara and Puttur divisions and 24 Hi-tech New Bus Stands, 14 New Bus Depots, 4 Divisional Workshops, and upgradation of 31 Bus Stands. Under SDP Rs. 141.75 crore has been spent for development of Infrastructure facility. A Satellite Bus Station at Peenya is under construction at the total cost of Rs.32.00 crore, out of which Rs.23.45 crore has already been spent as at the end of October.
  • KSRTC has took up the challenge of providing sustainable city bus transport operations in small and medium type of cities. Presently city bus transport operations is operated in Tumkur, Hassan, Davanagere and KGF cities. In Bangalore city from Kempegowda bus station to Mysore road Satellite bus station a new service started called “Samparka Nagara Sarige” buses are being operated.
  • It has been constructing 7 Inter Model Transit Centers (IMTC) in Mysore city at various important places at a total cost of Rs.110.16 crore under JnNURM project and as of now 6 bus stations have already been started for public services.
  • KSRTC has taken up IT enabled administration completely. Web based ‘AWATAR’ reservation system, mobile ticket booking services, transparent recruitment process with induction of 13396 technical staff and crew. As a socially responsible organization KSRTC has been issuing free pass for the students till 7th Standard, 25% concession to girl students studying in High Schools, 25% fare concession to Senior citizens, free pass to Journalist, free travel facility to “Padmashree, Padmabhushana, Paramaveera Chakra, Mahaveera Chakra” awardees, free travel facility to Central Government’s Showrya prashasti awardees in Ordinary/Express/ Rajahamsa buses till the attainment of the age of 18 years and other new concessional passes.
  • Department has implemented the state Government’s Sakala plan w.e.f    01-04-2012 and under this plan 312017 Students passes,  2268 Physically Challenged concession passes, 232 freedom fighters free passes issued and 52 ARF applications finalised.
  • Concessional bus passes to 17.50 lakh students, 174349 physically challenged, free travel facility for 28415 visually challenged, 8585 freedom fighters, concession to 410.60 lakh Senior citizen and 371 wife/widows of freedom fighter have been issued.
  • KSRTC is implementing Intelligent Transport System Project at Mysore City under Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India and World Bank’s GEF grants at a cost of Rs 20 Cr. KSRTC is the first State Transport Undertaking in the country to take up this project. The project covers 500 buses, 105 bus shelters, 6 bus stations and 45 platforms. KSRTC has initiated ‘Bus Day’ in Mysore City.
  • Corporation has prepared Rs 20.00 crore plan under Special Development plan 2012 to give infrastructure facilities. In this 38 different civil works included i.e construction of 3 new bus stands, 1 new bus depot, upgradation of 3 bus depots and 7 bus stations and 24 miscellaneous  works included. Out of which 21 works are under progress and 17 works are in tender stage at the end of September and Rs.5.50 crore has been spent.


KSRTC has been awarded with Awards/Accolades in the last four years. Some of the major recognitions are listed below.

  • Transporting Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation towards Prosperity- (UITP)- Political Commitment Award-2010.
  • ‘Award of Excellence-2010’ by Govt of India for usage of alternative fuel and fuel efficiency.
  • India Pride Gold Award-2010’ for effective Infrastructure Development and Transportation in the  Public Sector Undertakings of India.
  • ‘Chief Minister’s Ratna Award’ of  Govt of Karnataka for meritorious performance in the Public Sector Enterprices.
  • “Golden Peacoco Eco-Innovation/Product award-2010” for Awatar implementation.
  • ‘Corporate Excellence Award’ from IIMM Bangalore for all-round development of the Corporation.   
  • “PRCI award -2010” for Corporate leadership.
  • National award for e-Governance by Govt. of India, for implementation of IT in the Public Sectors.
  • Rajiv Gandhi National Quality-2009 award for ‘Nations Best biggest service Industry’.
  • Award of Excellence-2009’ for Recruitment of Drivers through Automated Electronic Driving test System transparently.
  • Award of Excellence -2008’ for introducing 100% Electronic Ticketing Machine to issue tickets in Mysore city for city operations.
  • Award of Excellence from Ministry of Urban development, Government of India “UITP Political commitment Award” for providing services in medium and small  cities like Tumkur and Hassan.
  • During the year 2010-11 Corporation has been awarded with ASRTU Award for achieving highest profit of Rs.62 crores among all the STUs of country.
  • Ministry of Commerce, Government of India has awarded 1st National FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organizations) Telecom Technology Award for new amazing mobile service.
  • World congress Human Development Corporation, Mumbai has awarded “Asia’a best employer award” for developing computerized driving track system.
  • PRCI Collateral Gold Award for publishing Coffee Table Book for “50 years of transport development” and also awarded Silver medal for publishing private magazine of KSRTC “Sarige Sampada” and Documentary picture about the Corporation
  • National Telecom Award 2012 to KSRTC for successful implementation of IT initiatives.
  • National Telecom Award 2012 to KSRTC for innovation in Public Service Applications.
  • Special mention award 2012 from International Transport Forum Germany for successful implementation of city services in Tumkur and Hassan.
  • DMIG Synergy Award 2012 for Digital Marketing Success Story.

Digiratti Award 2012 for the successful Marketing campaign. Also the awards received include “Best Bus Operator Award”, ‘Earth Care Excellence Award-2010’, Golden Peacock Eco-innovation Award-2010, “M-Billionth South Asia Award-2010”, “Manthan South Asia Award-2010”, Best Employer Award-2010, Green Warrior Award – 2010, The World is Open Award, Edward de Bone’s Award-2010, IBM Great Mind Challengers Award-2010, Rasbic Award-2010, Global HR Excellence Award-2010, Breathe Easy Campaign Award-2010, PRCI Award-2010 for Corporate Brochure etc.

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